I have always been passionate about teaching, and I have tried as much as possible to find occasions to explore and gain teaching experiences. During my undergraduate studies in Physics, I was involved as a tutor in the project “Physics on a boat”, organised in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. In this project, I had the chance to combine my practical skills and knowledge about sailing boats, acquired during many years as a sailing athlete, with the recently learned theoretical basis of fluid mechanics.

During my PhD in Germany, I assisted for 4 years in different courses in the Mechanical Engineering department. I gave lectures and tutorials in the course “Matlab for data analysis” and organized short courses on fluid mechanical laboratory experiments involving some lab experiment sessions. Also, during this period, I co-supervised 4 Erasmus internship projects and 1 Master thesis. I was involved in the design of the student’s projects, in the laboratory’s daily supervision, and in the evaluation of their final projects.

After obtaining my PhD in Germany, I moved to the University of Grenoble (France) for a postdoctoral research position. Despite the Covid pandemic, I continued my involvement in teaching. During this period, I had the opportunity to co-teach the fluid mechanics course, and I was assigned a group of 50 students to do the laboratory sessions with. My roles in this course included designing the syllabus, constructing the experiments that complement the lectures, preparing the tutorials, and marking the students’ assignments.